Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Shibani Air Services - Be a Part of Thriving Aviation Industry

Those days are no longer when people prefer the aviation industry for the pleasurable and comfortable traveling. Many people wish to flying an airplane but only some of them end up doing this for living. Jobs in the fastest developing aviation industry are constantly booming and it is significantly leading to the opportunity that could put the willing candidates in a good proven and serviceable position.  This booming sector employs a score of people every year that dream of working in top airline.

Do you want to start off your career in this industry? If you then be armed with the experience, education, training, tools, and requirements demand by companies so that you can be easily and quickly hired for the job you want without putting lots of efforts and time. Reputed direct placement companies such as Shibani Air Services helps to get considered for the better appropriate job that suits with your skills, qualification, and experience.

The professional’s team ensure 100% placement by assisting candidates to search the airline or aviation company searching for the good employees, prepare for the interview, and get considered for the relevant job.

Benefits of working in Airline Company or industry
  • ·         Travel opportunities
  • ·         Sick and vacation pay
  • ·         Meet new people
  • ·         Retirement plan or program
  • ·         Good pay range
  • ·         Profit sharing
  • ·         Health and life insurance
  • ·         Absent leaves
  • ·         Flexible schedule and multiple days off
  • ·         Accidental and dismemberment coverage
  • ·         Personal adventure
  • ·         Flexible spending accounts
  • ·         Prescription insurance plan

Considering the highest benefits of working in aviation industry, launch of numerous private and international airlines and its better future scope, more and more people are able to see the dream in coming future.

This booming sector has a plentiful of opened avenues for several profiles including Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Ground Duty Service Officers, Pilots, and more as listed below:

Career options
  • ·         Aircraft mechanic
  • ·         Commercial airline pilot
  • ·         Ground job
  • ·         Flight attendant
  • ·         Aircraft maintenance engineer

·         Others including aviation psychologists, flight dispatcher, flight and ground instructors, aviation doctors, factor facilitators, etc

Reputed airline placement agencies just like Shibani Aviation are giving wings to aspired candidates by supporting them in job preparation and let considered for the profile they are seeking.

Dreams to be a part of aviation or airline industry, get the experienced professionals assistance and enter into the flying world. Good luck!  

Monday, 26 December 2016

Duties for Ground Handling- Shibani Air Services

Are you looking for great opportunity in ground handling field? Are you facing problem while giving interviews and not having an idea about how to answer the questions? Then this is the place for you. Shibani Air Services will help you throughout the recruitment process from interview to compliance checks to finalizing the projects. Shibani Aviation reviews will help you to know more about our services provide to our candidates.

With over years of experience in the aviation sector, experts have developed well-informed systems and models for the assessment of candidates for recruitment in various positions of ground handling field.

Ground handlers are meant to do the job of loading and unloading the baggage and freight when plane is on ground and parked at the terminal gate of airport. Also they ensure customer comfort by handling aspects such as cabin crew, catering and passenger service. Airport ground staff ensures safety by taking various preventive measures.

There are different duties of ground services which are explained below:-

1.       Cabin Service – The purpose of cabin service is to ensure passenger comfort. While  cabin cleaning comprises of the bulk of efforts , it also includes works such as refilling onboard consumables and washable items such as pillows and blankets.

2.       Catering – Catering includes unloading the unused food and drink from the aircraft and load the fresh food and drink material for passengers and crew.

3.       Ramp Services – This type of service includes towing with push back tractors,lavatory drainage, luggage handling,gate checked luggage guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking area, air cargo handling usually by means of cargo loaders.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Making your career in airline with Shibani Services

Planning your career in airline? Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd can help in building your profession. They facilities features offered by them are of great use to the scholars. Gaining information, getting introduced to new facts, leaning new concepts etc will add more knowledge. The fear of not easily grabbing thing sometime leads to no admissions in institutes and coaching centers.

Shibani Air Services pvt ltd gives their full support to the scholar. Throughout the learning process they stay with the candidate. During the recruitment procedure till the finalization, the team of well skilled and experienced professional recruiter works with aspirant. With this the confidence level of the applicant doesn’t lower.

The services offered are to the candidate help them to gain mastering in the particular field of aviation sector. Services are ground handling, airport retail shops, assist services, cabin cleaning, permanent recruitment, maintenance and engineering. The high-quality guideline to the aspirants leads to success of the company and also of the applicant.

The roles and duties of every job profession in aviation differ. For instance a consistent clean and tidy aircraft interior is maintained for passenger to experience new flight every time they travel. From turn cleans to RON cleaning staff keeps the aircraft polished. With task started from cockpit and ending in the rear lavatories, no area remains untouched.

Many of the aspirants are placed through shibani air services in well know names of aviation in different sectors. They help each aspirant to achieve to make their dream come true. Student get chances to prove themselves are placed in reputed organization as integral part. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Shibani Air Services- Guaranteed Placement in Aviation Related Jobs

Are you seeking a job in rapidly growing aviation industry? Apart from having the complete knowledge, there are some crucial things that need to take into consideration while applying for a job. Shibani Air Services placement cell helps candidates to make a booming career by working closely with this industry.

Shibani Air Services Private Limited is the prominent company that feels extremely pleasure to announce that they have placed large numbers of aspirants for different profiles in aviation industry. The students taking training from this company have proved themselves and create a reputed identity by becoming the important part of top organizations. You may check the last placement record or read the Shibani Aviation Reviews to ensure the quality service and solutions provided by the qualified professionals throughout the entire recruitment process.

There is a great opportunity for the candidates seeking a career in aviation industry as vacancies for different profiles open for the aspirants from time to time. Aviation industry is one of the best sectors that have vast range of job opportunities to offer ranging from the ground level jobs to airplane services. Job seekers can opt for the career in various primary fields including:


Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a good career that has a great scope in India because every year many planes are bring by the airline companies adding routes to the sky. The role of aircraft maintenance engineer is to keep the aircraft in good quality condition and working order through regular maintenance and inspection.   

Ground Handling

It includes all the services that an aircraft require while it remains on the ground. Ground staff performs several tasks such as comfort and security of airline passengers as well as crew members, cleaning the plane, load and unload baggage, and other jobs to ensure planes well prepared to take flight.

Cabin Crew

Cabin crew also known as Air Hostess, Flight Attendants or Flight Stewards has the main responsibility to greet the passengers while boarding and exiting the plane and ensure their safety and welfare during the journey. Other than this, cabin crew has to perform some more duties such as serve meals and refreshments, showing passengers their seats, examine the provision of emergency equipment, administer the first aid, supply magazines and other in-flight entertainment to passengers, and more.

The eligibility, qualification required, salary packages, and responsibilities for all aviation related jobs differ from each other. Shibani Air Services help you by providing direct placement according to the qualification and knowledge.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Shibani Air Provides The Following Material To The Candidates For Increasing The Knowledge Of Airlines.

Parcel Packet

This is the Parcel Packet it contains following materials :-
  1. Interview Preparation Module
  2. Audio Video CD
  3. Payment Receipt
  4. Verification Form

Interview Preparation Module

This book is really help full for both candidates who belongs to airlines field as well as who didn't belongs to airlines field. Read this book step by step it will help you a lot for increasing your knowledge  about airlines..

Audio Video CD

This is the interview preparation Audio Video CD. And this CD Showing the real things and question which is always ask by the interviewer in the interview.

Verification Form

This is the verification form where the candidates need to fill up all the information as well as preferable location very carefully..

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